Team earns engagement certification

Published 1:13 pm Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The 11 dedicated employees of the Kenbridge post office strive to provide world-class service to customers in rural Lunenburg County. As a Certified Engaged Team, the group makes it a point to work together to meet customer expectations.

The employees of the Kenbridge office have earned the Certified Engaged Team designation not only once, but twice in 2018. Even more important is that they did it with a 100 percent Postal Pulse survey participation rate and were ranked in the 96th percentile — the highest among Certified Engaged Teams in the district.

“Not only do our employees work with each other, but they also work for each other,” said Postmaster Ashley “Chipper” Watson, II. “When one needs help, everyone is on board to get the job done.” Along with Watson, team members include: Rural Carriers Kim Newcomb, Karen Gittman and Vance Whitlow; Retail Associates Mary Austin, Helen Hendrick and Alex Carrington; Rural Carrier Associates Kimmie Watkins, Bo Satterwhite and Concepcion Leja; and Postal Support Employee Carol Wood.

To be certified, a group must attain at least a 75 percent Postal Pulse survey participation rate, as well as achieve a grand mean score that is within the top 75 percent of the total employee group. The grand mean is calculated based on actual responses to Postal Pulse survey questions.

What are the future plans for Kenbridge? “That’s easy,” said Watson. “We are going for our third certification. We plan on breaking the record!”