Ordinances closer to adoption

Published 5:07 pm Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Victoria Town Council, by March, is scheduled to hold a public hearing on its revised ordinances, which would be available online.

According to a release from the Town of Victoria, the town council entered into an agreement with Municode in January 2018 to update the town’s ordinances and to put them online for residents to have easy access.

The release cited that the process began with council members reviewing articles and chapters of the current ordinances as they related to their assigned committees.

Town Mayor Carol Watson appointed an ordinance revision oversight committee to handle the process and communicate with Municode.

“Following the review by council committees, the current ordinances were submitted to Municode for an attorney’s review to ensure alignment with the town charter that was updated in 2014 and with state codes,” the release cited. “Communications between Municode and the town continued throughout 2018 and included lengthy conference calls to work out details.

In late December 2018, the release cited that the draft of the new ordinances was returned to the town for review.

The final draft is now complete following comments and corrections, the release cited, and ready for town council review.

The Victoria Town Council is set to schedule a public hearing for March to allow for public input and comments on the revised ordinances. Council will have the option at the March meeting to adopt the revised ordinances, the release cited.

The February meeting is set for Tuesday, Feb. 12, at 7:30 p.m.

Recommended changes and updates to the ordinances include but are not limited to the following:• Reorganizing and renumbering of all ordinances, • Updating the ordinance to reflect the fiscal year used by the town, • Removing appendices that were policies or agreements and not ordinances, • Articles and paragraphs that listed specific charges or fees were re-written to allow these charges and fees to be adopted through policy by the council, • Updating the chapter on dogs to reflect the enforcement by the county animal control officer. More updates will be coming to this article in the future to allow the animal control officer and law enforcement to capture and hold dogs roaming free in town. • Updating the building chapter to reflect current requirements for permits, the use of the county building official to enforce the uniform statewide building code, and the enforcement of property maintenance codes by the Town of Victoria. • Adding civil penalties for infractions of the property maintenance codes, • Updated the article dealing with dangerous buildings to give better guidance on dealing with dilapidated or unsafe structures, • Updating the cemetery chapter to reflect both cemeteries maintained by the town, • Adding wording to the paragraph dealing with inoperable vehicles, • Updating the vehicle license fee to reflect the recent decision to eliminate the town vehicle decal, • Adding parking with the left side of the vehicle to the curb on two way streets and parking in a fire lane as not allowed • Adding a section to allow for the installation of companion water meters for the purpose of lawn sprinkler systems.