What happens in Richmond doesn’t stay in Richmond

Published 10:40 am Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Dear Editor,

I am writing this as someone who has been complaisant about paying attention to what is going on in our state and in Richmond. After reading several articles in The Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch I realized that our legislature is considering some items I did not know about and find concerning. The red flag law has been considered, which on its face sounds reasonable but has no provisions to protect the wrongfully accused or hold accountable those who would use it for revenge on a family member.

The governor wants to put a toll on I-81. Most people in this area would say, “Why should I care I don’t drive in that part of the state.” The added toll would have a direct impact on us in the price increase of goods transported on that highway to offset the cost of the toll. No one I have talked to knew of these or other legislation our governing body is discussing. The most common question is “What can I do?” First, educate yourself, know what’s going on. Then have a discussion with family and friends, let them know what you do. Like word-of-mouth for business’ information can spread and it will spark a desire for people to know more. Information is power, we need to empower our community before laws are passed that will impact our lives in way’s we agree or disagree with.

Mitchell Harvey