Cheely remembered by community

Published 9:37 am Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Andrew Scott Cheely

Andrew Scott Cheely, 48, a Dundas resident, Kenston Forest graduate and Virginia Marble employee, recently died in a tragic accident. Members of the community remember his kind demeanor and boundless energy.

According to Brian Roberts, Sheriff of Brunswick County, Cheely and another victim, Robert Lee Powers Jr., 58, died through what police believe to be carbon monoxide exposure while in a Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) on Feb. 16.

The funeral was held Feb. 21 at New Hope Christian Church in Danieltown.

The accident was reported shortly after 1 a.m. off Red Oak Road in the Alberta area, Roberts said.

Roberts said Cheely and Powers were driving a UTV on a ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) trail returning from a hunt club dinner.

There were three UTVs traveling together. The second vehicle became stuck crossing a creek. The third vehicle, which housed Cheely and Powers, was behind the second vehicle. The third vehicle sat in approximately 2 feet of water in the creek.

Police believe the exhaust pipe for the third vehicle was underwater, forcing exhaust fumes to come into the cab of the enclosed vehicle through what was believed to be an exhaust leak.

Police said the cab was sealed off from outside air. It’s believed that Cheely and Powers experienced carbon monoxide poisoning.

“It was just a horrible, tragic accident,” Roberts said.


Patricia Gulmatico Mahaney, director of communications with Kenston Forest School (KFS), remembered Cheely in high school and said he never lost his cheerful demeanor or zest for life upon graduation.

She said Cheely transferred to KFS in 1988 and graduated in 1990.

Mahaney said he and she attended school at KFS about the same time. She said he played football and golf, and was in the chorus.

“He was always smiling and full of life even after high school,” Mahaney said.

Mark Buss, general manager of Virginia Marble Manufacturers, said Cheely had a management role that involved complex state and federal regulations relating to the company’s manufacturing and office facilities and truck fleets.

Scott Cheely had been employed at Virginia Marble as a logistics manager since fall 2012. “Scott was a consummate professional in the approach to his responsibilities and the results of his time here made our operations a more efficient, safer and better workplace for all of us,” Buss said in a statement about Cheely. “Scott had great initiative and always sought out opportunities to learn more about his job. He had a great sense of humor and an infectious smile and laugh that will be sorely missed.”