Innovating for Lunenburg

Published 10:30 am Wednesday, March 13, 2019

If your job is to facilitate commerce in a locality, it is important to be innovative, doing what is necessary to reach people and get them excited about the businesses in their area.

We commend the Lunenburg County Chamber of Commerce for exhibiting this innovation with the development of its new website.

In our line of work, we’re often researching across the World Wide Web, going to company and organization websites to learn or confirm information for articles. The state of a website can say a lot about an organization. If it looks dated, it implies that online engagement is likely not a priority for the group in question.

Indeed, some companies still thrive on in-person or phone interactions, but more and more, people look online for the information they need, often through the convenience of their smartphone.

As we reported last week, Josh McClure, owner of information technology business Your PC Magician LLC out of Richmond, said the Lunenburg chamber’s new website is meant to share news among members as well as draw in new members.

“What we’re trying to do is give you all a website that one, you’re proud of, and two, will attract new members,” he said.

We enjoyed the comment of Chamber President Mel Payne, who said the website has numerous features and “could do everything but make homemade ice cream,” but we also acknowledge that he was making a serious point about what the site can do.

“The capabilities are pretty much endless,” McClure said. He said he would continue the conversation with members of the chamber about developing the website.

“It will all be there,” he said.

He estimates that the website could go live within the next month or two.

Now more than ever, it is important for the chamber to be a strong force for good in the county, and we’re excited to see the organization equipping itself for that role.