S&M brands facility closes

Published 10:01 am Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A cigarette manufacturing company located at 3662 Ontario Road has been purchased, according to an owner of the company.

Mac Bailey confirmed that S&M Brands Inc. producer of Bailey’s cigarettes was recently bought out when interviewed by The Dispatch.

Bailey could not disclose further information concerning what company purchased the facility.

Bailey said the company purchased the equipment, but did not purchase the buildings. Because the equipment was bought by the company, S&M Brands can no longer manufacture cigarettes.

Approximately 87 employees worked at the facility at the time that the company was purchased.

Bailey said S&M Brands divided more than $1 million between the employees when the facility ceased operation.

Bailey said he will continue to operate Golden Leaf Tobacco Company, which he owns, as a hobby. He said he has grown his own tobacco for cigarettes in the past.

Bailey hoped to dispel rumors concerning the S&M Brands purchase, and said he hoped that the buildings at 3662 Ontario Road could potentially be put to good use in the future to benefit the county.

According to Bailey, S&M Brands Inc. started in 1994 and its leadership, Steve and Mac Bailey, come from generations of tobacco producers who are estimated to have worked in the industry since the 1860s.