Moore arrested for firearm theft

Published 11:18 am Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Shane Moore

A Victoria resident was arrested in connection with a theft of a firearm and other items that recently occurred in Kenbridge.

Kenbridge Police Department Chief Raymond Hite confirmed that Shane Moore was arrested following an investigation of the Kenbridge theft.

Hite said the theft occurred in a vehicle. A firearm, money and miscellaneous items, such as headphones, were reported to be stolen, according to Hite.

The Kenbridge Police Department issued three felony warrants for him for the one theft confirmed to be from Moore.

The warrants included knowingly possessing or transporting a firearm after being convicted of a felony, stealing U.S. currency at $500 or less, and stealing a firearm belonging to a Kenbridge resident.

Moore was arrested Wednesday, March 13, and transported to Piedmont Regional Jail.

Moore pleaded guilty to prior charges of entering structure to commit breaking and entering, petit larceny and grand larceny according to documentation from the Lunenburg County Circuit Court.

Hite said the department has been investigating other thefts that have recently occurred in the town to determine whether the same person was responsible.

Hite credited the prompt reporting of one Kenbridge resident to jump-start police’s investigation, and he encouraged people to report crimes as soon as they occur.

“Call us when it happens, that’s the best time to solve a crime,” Hite said.

Moore, according to documentation from the Lunenburg General District Court, has a hearing scheduled for Wednesday, April 17, for two charges of felon possession and transportation of firearm and a charge of larceny of firearm, not from person.