Revised ordinances adopted

Published 11:33 am Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Town of Victoria recently voted to adopt its revised ordinances following a public hearing at the recent town council meeting March 12. The revised ordinances are now available on the town website, Victoria Town Manager Rodney Newton confirmed.

“There was no one from the public to speak at the public hearing,” Newton said regarding the hearing. “The ordinances were adopted by the town council.”

The revised ordinances were a result of a process with Municode to put town ordinances online in order for residents to have easy access.

The town ordinance can be accessed at codes/code_of_ordinances.

Recommended changes and updates to the ordinances include updating the chapter on dogs to reflect the enforcement by the county animal control officer, with more updates coming to this article in the future to allow the animal control officer and law enforcement to capture and hold dogs roaming free in town.

Other changes include updating the building chapter to reflect current requirements for permits, the use of the county building official to enforce the uniform statewide building code, and the enforcement of property maintenance codes by the Town of Victoria; adding civil penalties for infractions of the property maintenance codes; updating the article dealing with dangerous buildings to give better guidance on dealing with dilapidated or unsafe structures; updating the vehicle license fee to reflect the recent decision to eliminate the town vehicle decal; updating the cemetery chapter to reflect both cemeteries maintained by the town and adding a section to allow for the installation of companion water meters for the purpose of lawn sprinkler systems.