Lighting the way forward

Published 11:42 am Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Lunenburg County, like numerous counties throughout Virginia, is wading into new territory by considering solar facility projects.

The county has had to balance what are considered potential benefits of solar facilities, such as the potential for economic development and having a renewable energy source; with some of the potential drawbacks, which are considering the potential impact to safety and surrounding properties.

The county planning commission took wise action to table the proposed facility in January in order to more fully determine what the county’s regulations and conditions for solar facility projects would be.

The Lunenburg County Planner, the landowner involved with the proposed project and Hexagon Energy confirmed that Hexagon Energy recently withdrew its application for Kenbridge Solar, LLC.

Adam Ventre, a representative of Hexagon Energy, cited factors related to the decisions in an article published in this week’s edition of The Dispatch.

“Kenbridge Solar was well-sited, with no impact to view-sheds, had support from neighbors, and would offer Dominion customers a new opportunity to participate in clean, locally generated power. Unfortunately, we made a business decision to abandon development of the project due to a number of constraining factors. We hope that conditions change in the future and allow a successful solar farm to be sited and built in Lunenburg County.”

While solar facilities, like other economic projects, could provide some promise to the county, we at The Dispatch commend the county’s careful work to determine the regulations that could be the most beneficial to everyone.