Kelly runs for State Senate

Published 12:19 pm Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Matthew Kelly has announced his intention to challenge District 15 State Senator Frank Ruff in the June 11 Republican primary. Kelly’s platform: Legalize Freedom, specifically focused on four main areas:

1. Reduce restrictions on food producers in Virginia, including supporting Cottage Food laws.

2. Reduce restrictions on legal gun owners by supporting constitutional Carry laws.

3. Reduce restrictions on home educators by addressing the legal hurdles/permits currently required.

4. Support the Convention of States, looking to impose term limits and balanced budget requirements through Federal constitutional amendments.

Kelly was raised in Crewe and currently raises his own three (children) outside Chase City. From working as an IT contractor across Virginia before being hired at the Microsoft data center, to starting a small farm raising pastured beef, Kelly has dealt firsthand with the legal restrictions facing businesses and food a gun owner he watched in 2016 as political games were played with the right to keep and bear arms. As one of 10 homeschooled Kelly children, he has seen and experienced the legal hurdles to the freedom of choosing education. And as an American he has watched the panic increase with each presidential election, with each side increasingly worried about Federal power in the hands of their opponents.

All four issues could be solved by legalizing freedom. Remove restrictions on business owners and food producers; pass a constitutional Carry law to ensure the 2016 fiasco doesn’t happen again; remove the legal restrictions on education and relieve the monetary burden on those choosing to educate their children; reduce the power of the federal government including imposing term limits and a balanced budget requirement via the Convention of States.

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“My goal is not to offer empty promises, promise reform or to play political games. I just want to legalize freedom,” Kelly said.