My two homes

Published 12:20 pm Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Each morning I give thanks to Jesus for my two homes. Each one is vastly different but they both are filled with love. My home in Tampa contains young children while my home in Delaware is adults only.

The great-grandkids in my Tampa home help me get exercise by running after them. I am not as stiff as I used to be because they keep me going. Before I can finish doing one thing, my five-year-old great-grandson says “GG can you give me milk and can you cut my apple?” I have dinner ready when the family gets home from work and the children’s snacks are ready when they come home from school. By the time I go to bed I am tired but I wouldn’t trade it for nothing, because it’s worth it and I love it.

My Delaware home is completely different. They do everything for me, even to the point of turning down my bed at night when I’m ready to go to sleep. There’s even a little electric fireplace in my room to keep it nice and toasty so I don’t get cold. I do the minimal while I am there. Not because I want to, but because they just want me to relax. Sometimes I may wash the dishes but they always do the cooking. During the day we always have something to do, attend plays, go to the movies, out to lunch or just relax together. My daughter and her husband are retired so we have time to do whatever we want.

As I said, the two homes are vastly different but have one thing in common — they are both filled with love. One keeps me busy, while the other wants nothing more than for me to relax. Both fill basic needs within me: the need to feel wanted, and the need to be pampered. I love being at both places equally. God has truly blessed me and I thank Him for His grace, love and mercy. At 81 years old He truly has me living my best life! Be blessed in Jesus’ name.

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