Town adopts fee collection ordinances

Published 9:10 am Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Two ordinances that authorized the Town of Victoria to collect administrative fees for delinquent accounts were approved by members of the Victoria Town Council Tuesday, April 9.

Town Manager Rodney Newton said no residents spoke during the public hearing for the ordinance.

The ordinance authorizes the town to collect an administrative fee for two programs. The first involved collecting an administrative fee participating in a set-off debt collection program with the Commonwealth of Virginia. The administrative fee would be set by council, according to a public notice of the hearing. A similar ordinance to collect administrative fees with the set-off debt collection program was approved by the Town of Kenbridge in November 2018.

The second program involved an administrative fee when collecting delinquent accounts with the DMV.

For residents who do not pay a license fee by the due date by DMV, there is a delinquent charge of $20 per vehicle to be assessed with the license fee.

Newton said the town council also adopted policies dealing with taxes and fees for the town. He said there were no changes to any taxes or fees.

“With the adoption of the new ordinances at the March meeting it was necessary to adopt policies setting these rates as they are no longer specified in the ordinances,” Newton said.

Lastly, Newton said council authorized the paving of portions of the road system in Lakeview Cemetery, Hunter Road, and the access road behind businesses along Main Street between Seventh and Eighth streets.