Fire, rescue agencies receive donations

Published 10:37 am Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Container First Services (CFS), which operates the Lunenburg Landfill, gave a total $50,000 donation to area fire and rescue agencies in Lunenburg and surrounding counties.

The agencies that received donations that were divided up into amounts of approximately $8,333 include Kenbridge Fire Department, Kenbridge Emergency Squad, Victoria Fire & Rescue and Meherrin Fire & Rescue (donations were made separately to the fire department services and rescue squad services from Victoria Fire & Rescue and Meherrin Fire & Rescue).

CFS, owned by Meridian Waste, gave donations of $50,000 to the county through an agreement between Lunenburg County and CFS. The distribution of the donations is determined by the county administration. Last year, CFS’ donation was given to the Lunenburg County Public Library System.

Kenbridge Fire Department Chief Richard “Dickie” Harris said that the donation is set to go to the department’s daily operations, including maintenance of the equipment. Due to the rising cost of keeping up and purchasing new equipment, prices can add up.

“This is a tremendous help to us,” Harris said.

CFS President and CEO Rob Guidry presented the donations and gave an update on recent activity related to the Lunenburg Landfill, which included announcing the new Lunenburg Landfill Manager, Joe Gustaf, who is originally from Indiana. Guidry also addressed that the landfill is being expanded. A new cell, spanning 8-acres, is in the process of being built.