Kudos to gymnasium rescue

Published 10:55 am Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The plan by Joyce White Freeman and the committee developed to rescue the Kenbridge gymnasium and recreation center received support from the Kenbridge Town Council in April, in which the council developed a committee to help bring the plan to fruition.

The gymnasium, which had been part of the former Kenbridge High School, has been the subject of longtime debate by members of Town Council. The gymnasium needs significant repairs to its flooring, heating and cooling and restroom facilities that the town is unable to fund. Town Mayor Emory Hodges said potentially selling the building or demolishing the building has come up, but said members of the council did not have the heart to move the ideas forward.

“The Kenbridge Recreational Center will provide a great environment for our community and make a meaningful difference in the lives of our youth,” Freeman said during the April meeting. “Not only will it add in our efforts to build a community, in addition, the building will be a resource to bring in revenue for the county.”

The plan laid out the steps and directions needed to make the repairs, to raise funds and to promote the gymnasium as a venue for county sports teams, families and organizations.

As an indication of the widespread support of the plan by Freeman and those involved with it, The Dispatch article about the plan was shared 80 times on Facebook.

The work by the committee, by Freeman deserves our full commendation, and we will support each step of the process as the committee and the town work together to sustain the gymnasium, and allow it to be used to its full potential as a recreation center for Lunenburg’s youth and families.