Third grade Ag Day held

Published 11:04 am Wednesday, May 1, 2019

More than 400 area students, teachers, and parents from Lunenburg and Nottoway counties attended third Grade Ag Days March 26 and 27. Hands on learning is the theme of Ag Days held at the Virginia Tech Southern Piedmont Agricultural Research and Extension Center each spring.

Students had the opportunity to study “Force and Motion” by launching marshmallows and then measuring how far they flew. They reviewed many areas of conservation and management of natural resources by studying composting with red wriggler worms, crawling through a soil tunnel, using ground cover to preserve topsoil and making a water cycle bracelet. Foresters from Fort Pickett had students count the rings of a tree to determine the tree’s age and each student received a pine seedling to take home and plant. Students saw examples of many of the products made from trees and made their own sheet of paper from pulpwood. Predators and prey were reviewed and pelts and skulls from local wildlife were available to view and handle.

Third Grade Ag Days serve as a review for SOLs and a chance for students to see many of the lessons they have been studying all year put to use. Students made estimates about the length and width of several items then made a paperclip chain to measure it and then graphed the results. Simple machines were on hand to use and gain an understanding of how they make life easier on a daily basis. The students saw up close many of the plants and crops grown locally. As always there were farm animals to see and touch, a dairy cow and two calves, sheep, chickens and day old chicks.

This educational and free event was made possible by Virginia Tech, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Nottoway Future Farmers of America, Piedmont Soil and Water Conservation District, Natural Resources Conservation Services, Fort Pickett Forestry Department, the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, Westrock, Brickland Hatcheries, the Thomas Farm, Fred Ware, SUDIA and Richlands Dairy Farm.