Victoria Christian Church sewing project

Published 10:48 am Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Betty Cox, who organized the Ladies Sewing Workshop at Victoria Christian Church recently announced that the sewing group would take a summer break and resume in the fall.

According to organizers 119 dresses, 30 pairs of shorts and several skirts were made for the Casa Hogar Orphanage that Yugo Ministries does outreach for in Mexico. Annie Judd, who is a missionary with the Yogo Ministries and a member of the Kenbridge Christian Church, was the group’s touchstone at the orphanage.

The community graciously donated pillowcases, material, and trimmings for making the little girls’ dresses. God’s Gals of Chase City sent bags of items to be turned into clothes. A portable sewing machine was donated and sent along with personal sewing kits, numerous sewing supplies and several sheets.

The Central High School Art class under the guidance of Jeanie Kunath, painted pillowcases to be sent to the children. Carrie Wilson, sister of Judd, acted as postmaster for the group by packing and mailing boxes.

Those taking part in the project were Ruth Hurdle, Allyn Humphries, Glenda Lacks, Joan Zava, Loretta Steffen, Carolyn Lewis, Janice Blankenship and Betty Lea Cox. Junior seamstresses included Piper Long, Esther Lacks, Audrey Lacks, along with Lane Bolter and Judd Bolter.

The ladies feel they have been blessed with this project as well as the children who are the recipients. The sewing group will break for the summer and resume its project in the fall.