‘Things that are in our control’

Published 11:20 am Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Central High School’s varsity baseball team halted its losing streak at two games with its 7-3 home victory over Nottoway High School on Monday.

“In Nottoway last night, we got fantastic pitching, met our average run scored for the season and made plays defensively that we are capable of making, keeping our team errors to a minimum,” Chargers Head Coach Michael Atkins said Tuesday. “When we do that, we win.”

The coach said Central continues to learn and grow as a team.

“Bottom line is we need to continue to strive to improve defensively as a team,” he said. “Our pitching and run scoring continues to perform well enough to win. When we make the plays defensively we should make, we win. When we don’t and we allow them to multiply, it makes it difficult. The great thing is that these are things that are in our control.”