Accident trend emerges

Published 10:45 am Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Town of Victoria leadership are looking for a solution after an accident recently marked the third accident at the same intersection in the past year.

Victoria Town Manager Rodney Newton said a tractor-trailer made a right turn from Eighth Street to Main Street. In doing so, the tractor-trailer struck and destroyed the lamppost at that intersection.

Newton said the tractor-trailer was believed to not be following the town truck route. He said the truck route depends on the direction the trucks are traveling, and that the route involves Railroad Avenue and Tidewater Avenue.

A map showing the truck route can be accessed online at The route is shown in red. Trucks entering the town through Nottoway Boulevard are expected to continue onto Main Street, where they have the option to either continue onto Route 40 or turn onto Railroad Avenue.

Trucks entering through Court Street can use Tidewater and Railroad Avenues to reach Main Street, where they can either continue onto Route 40 or turn onto Nottoway Boulevard. Driving through Eighth Street is not indicated on the map.

Lampposts damaged prior to the most recent accident have been covered by various insurance agencies, Newton said. The most recent accident remains under investigation.

“This is the third lamppost struck at this intersection in the last 12 months,” Newton said.

Newton said most of the accidents that have occurred at the intersection have been attributed to trucks not following the truck route. He said town officials are looking into options to address the situation but is unsure of what else can be done at this time.