Dump site closes; new site announced

Published 11:15 am Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A dump site located at St. John’s Church Road has closed, and Lunenburg County officials said the county is in the process of building a new convenience site at the intersection of Gary Road and Oral Oaks Road.

The site at St. John’s Church Road closed on Wednesday, June 5.

A map of the alternative locations to deposit approved household waste has been posted at the St. John’s Church Road site and online at www.lunenburgva.net.

“Recent months have shown an increase in people depositing unauthorized materials (i.e., tires, waste oil, appliances, etc.) at unmonitored dumpsites, particularly at the St. John’s Church Road Site,” Assistant County Administrator Nicole Clark said.

County officials said in the next few months, the county will begin construction on a new convenience site at the intersection of Gary Road and Oral Oaks Road.

“This site will look similar to the ones on Nutbush Road, Rocky Mill Road, and the intersection of Route 40 and Owl Creek Road. Once the Gary Road location is open, the county will close the other remote locations in the southernmost section of the county,” Clark said. “The addition of a gated, monitored convenience site will avoid unnecessary taxpayer expenses for cleanup at unmonitored dumpster locations.”

The county will also be seeking a new location for a convenience site in the southeastern quadrant. The parcel, according to county officials, would preferably be approximately 2 acres or less in area, close to Route 138, but not directly on the main route.

Those who own a parcel that is available and meets the guidelines, are encouraged to call the County Administration Office at (434) 696-2142 on Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.