Possible rabid raccoon reported

Published 11:10 am Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Lunenburg Animal Control Officer Ray Elliott and Virginia Department of Health Environmental Health Manager Ed Dunn confirmed that the animal control office responded to a raccoon suspected to be rabid.

Elliott said at least three dogs may have had possible exposure to a potentially rabid animal in the Town of Victoria recently.

Elliott said the investigation is in the early stages, not yet knowing where the potentially rabid raccoon has traveled. Elliott said owners of the dogs are being asked to isolate them.

Elliott said the animal control office has sent in the potentially rabid animal to be tested. Dunn said that “a raccoon was sent to the state consolidated laboratory for rabies testing on the evening of June 10 with results expected on June 12.”

Dunn said the last instance of rabies reported in a raccoon was in Meherrin area on April 27.

Elliott urged residents to vaccinate their pets against rabies at area animal hospitals. To learn more, contact the office at (434) 696-4452.