New CUP possible for landfill modifications

Published 9:51 am Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A new conditional use permit (CUP) for landfill modifications at the Lunenburg Landfill may be filed in the near future, according to county officials and Meridian Waste, the company that currently owns Container First Services (CFS).

Lunenburg County Administrator Tracy Gee said during the Lunenburg County Board of Supervisors meeting June 13 that a new CUP for the landfill may be in the works. She said a new CUP would not affect the county’s current host agreement with the landfill.

“That conditional use permit is expected to be modeled exactly after the stipulations that were required in the first conditional use permit, but they are requesting modifications for increased tonnage,” Gee said.

“I’d imagine we ought to have modifications we would want to request too,” Plymouth District Supervisor T. Wayne Hoover said.

Mary O’Brien, chief marketing officer with Meridian Waste, said in an email interview that a new CUP may be filed when modifications are planned.

“The landfill must submit a new CUP application anytime the existing condition outlined in the currently approved CUP,” O’Brien said. “There is no eminent date for submitting such an application but as the landfill develops, I foresee that an application will need to be submitted at a future date to address those changes whatever they may be.”

According to the landfill liaison report dated June 5, officials with the landfill are in the process of constructing a new access road and ramp on the backside of the cell. This project in turn will start the process of raising the height of the current cell.

Landfill officials, according to the report, have notified the county of preliminary plans to begin construction of a new cell this coming September.

O’Brien said CFS recently filed two items to the county.

“The first was a permit for additional barrow pits on the existing landfill property to secure soils for daily cover as required by our DEQ permit and the second was the updated Erosion and Sediment Plan for the landfill,” O’Brien said.

Assistant County Administrator Nicole Clark said the county received the updated Erosion and Sediment plan.

“We forward the plan to the Southside Soil & Water Conservation District for review and approval,” Clark said. “If approved, they will notify our office.”