Ponytails finish 1-2

Published 7:12 pm Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Lunenburg Girls’ Softball (LGS) Ponytails all-star team ended up with a 1-2 overall record in the double-elimination 2019 Dixie Softball Ponytails X-Play District 1 Tournament in Clarksville.

In their opener June 21, the LGS Ponytails lost 10-0 to the Clarksville all-star team but then rebounded the next day with a 28-18 victory over the Blackstone all-star team.

The Lunenburg squad was eliminated June 23 after a competitive 11-8 loss to the Crewe-Burkeville All-Stars.

“Overall, I was very excited about our performance in the tournament this year,” LGS Ponytails Manager Kaitlyn Matthews said. “We had a young team, but they really worked hard.”

She reflected on her team’s best performance in the tourney.

“We won game two versus Blackstone which was a very exciting win for us,” she said. “It was a long ballgame, but the girls kept working until the final pitch, so we were very proud of that. Even though we lost game three versus Crewe-Burkeville, I would actually have to say that was probably our best performance. That was the game where the girls showcased all they’d learned and how much improvement they’d made throughout the season. They picked up signs in the box and listened well on the bases, which allowed us to score runs, as well as making solid defensive plays.”

In the final game, Olivia Moses hit her first home run.