Tractor-trailer overturn

Published 2:26 pm Wednesday, July 3, 2019

A tractor-trailer overturned at the intersection of Route 40, K-V Road and Oral Oaks Road Wednesday.

Victoria Fire & Rescue Chief Rodney Newton said this about the incident.

“Victoria Fire and Rescue did respond to an overturned tractor trailer that was hauling trash near the intersection of K-V Road and Oral Oaks Road,” Newton said. “There were no patients transported from the scene, fluids leaking from the engine of the truck were contained, and traffic was controlled until (Virginia Department of Transportation) VDOT could get set up to direct traffic.”

Mary O’Brien with Meridian Waste said the tractor-trailer was not associated with Container First Services nor Meridian Waste.

“As I understand, it was traveling from the Dinwiddie County transfer station bound for Lunenburg Landfill,” O’Brien said.

She said since a company vehicle was not involved, they would not access to the police report or other documents related to the incident. She also hoped everyone involved in the incident was unharmed.

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