Kinlaw receives $1M in case

Published 9:43 am Wednesday, July 24, 2019

John Kinlaw, who was held as a former inmate at the Lunenburg Correctional Center (LCC), received more than $1 million in compensation after a jury made the determination on the federal court case Friday.

The case Kinlaw v. Nwaokocha et. al was heard in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia Richmond Division.

The case argued that a doctor and two nurses at the correctional center neglected medical care to Kinlaw.

Kinlaw received $708,671 in compensatory damages against Dr. Charles Nwaokocha and Armor Health Correctional Health Services, Inc., a health care provider based in Florida. Kinlaw also received $350,000 against Dr. Nwaokocha individually. According to the complaint of the case, provided by media relations organization Sitrick and Company, Kinlaw, an inmate at Lunenburg Correctional Center, fell and broke his right hand on Nov. 19, 2016 when playing sports in the recreation yard. Dr. Nwaokocha and two nurses did not stabilize his injury following the incident. According to the case complaint, Dr. Nwaokocha asked Kinlaw to wait two days to get an X-ray at the LCC site. The complaint claimed that neither Dr. Nwaokocha nor the two nurses stabilized Kinlaw’s injury, instead giving Kinlaw an Ace bandage that they did not apply for him, and Motrin. “(Kinlaw) continuously, every few days, informed Armor medical staff that he could not close his hand and was afraid his fracture was healing the wrong way, and in response, Armor, including Nurse Banks, Nurse Price and Nwaokocha, refused to take John seriously by blowing him off and either denying or unreasonably delaying any additional treatment or imaging for his hand,” the complaint cited. “When John finally got a second appointment with Nwaokocha, one and a half months after breaking his hand, John demonstrated to Nwaokocha that his ring finger could not bend, and in response, Nwaokocha told John that his hand simply needed ‘more healing.’” Kinlaw, according to the complaint, had fractured his right hand, the intra-articular fracture of the dorsal base of the right-hand ring finger.