It’s so hot outside

Published 11:22 am Saturday, July 27, 2019

It’s so hot outside, even the fake plants are wilting. It’s so hot outside, it feels like the sun is hugging you and taking a selfie. It’s so hot outside folks are considering calling their ex so they can be around something shady.

We don’t enjoy the heat. We like to be comfortable. We want to have a career where we don’t have to do as much work as others. We want to live in a house where the mortgage or rent aren’t ridiculous. We want to be able to have TV without worrying if Direct will bring back ABC.

In Genesis we read about a man named Joseph. He’s the guy with that amazing Technicolor dream coat. Joseph had dreams and visions of being the top man, the favored son, the hero — then his brothers throw him in a well, sell him as a slave. Then he is accused of raping his boss’s wife and then thrown in prison.

Time after time things went from bad to worse. Life was over 100 degrees and throwing on a fur coat and sweatpants for this poor dude. But after helping his leaders, he is placed as second in command of all Egypt. In fact, his brothers have to come to him (without recognizing him, I might add) for help during a drought. In Genesis 50, we see Joseph give a two word phrase you need to remember: “But God.” While others meant to do evil or harm, God had other plans. You see, while we enjoy the comfort of AC, swimming pools, cold drinks at the beach, etc., maybe that isn’t in the story of our life right now. Maybe life is turning the heat up. Maybe you don’t feel you can take much more. Maybe you’re fussing at God because of all you’re having to deal with. Maybe, just maybe, you are in a “But God” moment. It is hot outside, “But God” allows you to still have a place to work and shower. Money is tight, “But God” is helping you get rid of debt you have built up and providing opportunities needed to raise funding. Folks are getting on your ever-loving last nerve, “But God” may want you to help share His light and love to them. That car won’t last much longer, “But God” is still helping get where you need to go.

Next time the stresses add up, consider this as a “But God” moment. Lord, help me truly trust in Your way and plan. I don’t like it and things may not be as I want — “But God,” You have it all under control. Thank You for this. Through Jesus, amen.

Rev. Cameron Bailey is pastor at Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at