Candidates for November elections

Published 11:42 am Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Lunenburg County voters will have a number of opportunities to place votes on the ballot for state and local elections.

The deadline to submit to run for the November election was June 11. Note that the names listed below are written as they are expected to be presented on the ballot. The November election is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 5.

According to information and documentation provided by Lunenburg County Registrar Carolyn Parsons, there are several state seats up for election.

Those running for the Virginia 15th State Senate seat include incumbent Frank M. Ruff Jr. and candidate Virginia M. Smith. The Lunenburg County area has a split district between the 61st and the 75th House of Delegates districts.

Those running in the 61st District include incumbent Thomas C. “Tommy” Wright Jr. and candidate Trudy Bell Berry.

Candidates running for the 75th District include incumbent Roslyn C. Tyler and candidate H. Otto Wachsmann Jr.

For local elections, all constitutional offices are up for elections. Constitutional offices include the sheriff, commonwealth’s attorney, commissioner of the revenue, treasurer and the soil and water conservation district.

Candidates running for sheriff include incumbent Arthur Townsend Jr. and candidate Michael B. Landry.

Three candidates will run for commissioner of the revenue, including incumbent Elizabeth “Liz” Y. Hamlett, Charon Coffee Price and R.L. “Bobby” Thompson.

J.C. “Buck” Tharpe Jr. and Mark L. Palmer are in the running for the soil and water conservation district office.

Robert E. Clement, current commonwealth’s attorney, is running unopposed. Current treasurer Amona Currin will also run unopposed.

Not all of the seats for the Lunenburg County Board of Supervisors or School Board will be up for election.

Voters in the following districts will have the opportunity to elect the school board representatives and supervisors into their respective districts.

These include District Two, Brown’s Store; District Four, Rehoboth; District Five, Love’s Mill and District Six, Hound’s Creek.

J.M. “Mike” Hankins will run unopposed for the District Two, Brown’s Store Board of Supervisors seat. W.E. “Doug” Aubel is running unopposed for the District Two School Board seat.

Incumbent C.R. “Randy” Slayton will run for the District Four Board of Supervisors seat against candidate Timothy V. Hatley.

Melanie B. Currin and Patrick L. Williams will be in the running for the District Four Lunenburg School Board.

Incumbent Edward W. Pennington will run unopposed for the District Five Board of Supervisors seat.

Ruby Baker Ingram and Jodi Lee Clark are in the running for the District Five School Board seat.

Incumbent Alvester L. Edmonds will be running unopposed for the District Six Board of Supervisors.

Incumbent Kathy P. Coffee will be running unopposed for the District Six School Board.