Electoral Board focuses on elections security

Published 11:51 am Wednesday, August 28, 2019

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Elections play a vital role in a free and fair society and are a cornerstone of American democracy. The Lunenburg County Electoral Board and Registrar recognize the fundamental link between the trust in election infrastructure and the confidence the American public places in basic democratic function. A secure and resilient electoral process is a vital national interest and one of the highest priorities at the Department of Homeland Security.

The Lunenburg County Electoral Board and Registrar are committed to working collaboratively with those on the front lines of elections – state and local government, election officials, federal partners and the vendor community – to manage risks to election infrastructure. They will remain transparent as well as agile to combat and secure its physical and cyber infrastructure against new and evolving threats.

Spotlight on the Lunenburg Electoral Board:

Who and what are the roles of an electoral board member?

The Electoral Board of each county in Virginia is made up of three members who serve three-year staggered terms. Two members are members of the political party of the most recently elected Governor. The Chair and Secretary must represent different political parties. Your local Political Party recommends the Electoral Board members and they are appointed to the Board by a Circuit Court Judge. Each member must carry out their official duties in a nonpartisan manner, “leaving the elephant and donkey at home.”

The Electoral Board is responsible for the proper and orderly conduct of all elections held in the locality. Your local Electoral Board employs and supervises the General Registrar, who handles voters’ records. The Electoral Board appoints, removes and conducts the annual performance evaluation of the General Registrar.

The Electoral Board members need to be familiar with federal and state laws that must be followed in conducting elections in accordance with the Virginia Election Laws. They must attend mandatory training programs provided by the Virginia Department of Elections. They must familiarize themselves with the Voting Rights Act; the Help America Vote; the National Voter Registration Act; the Voting Accessibility of Elderly and Handicap and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Board approves and recommends polling places within the precincts established by the local government. They also approve the voting equipment to be used; develop and approve a security plan to keep all equipment and materials secure. They ensure the creation, production and proper custody of ballots. The Board ensures and conducts the Logic & Accuracy Testing of each piece of voting equipment to confirm that they are programmed correctly for each election and that they are recording votes accurately.

The Board also appoints the Officers of Election and ensures the training and the assignments to precincts for all elections. They ensure coordination with the local police and sheriff to ensure smooth conduct of each election.

The Electoral Board ensures that polling places are set up with a floor plan that is an easy flow for the voters that proper lighting is available and that voters with disabilities have easy access. On Election Day, the Board members visit each polling precinct to assist as needed and to observe the process.

The Electoral Board members conduct the Post-Election canvass to ascertain that all precinct results are accurate and complete. Based on the input from the General Registrar, they determine the validity and counting of provisional ballots. Their signatures on the certification of results are the ultimate declaration of the truth, accuracy and dependability of the vote totals being submitted to the Commonwealth.

Together with the General Registrar they prepare the budget and deal with local government officials.

The Electoral Board conducts public meetings monthly. In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act the Secretary of the Electoral Board has specific tasks according to the Code. The Secretary takes and keeps accurate minutes of all board meetings.