Schools fully accredited

Published 3:33 pm Wednesday, September 4, 2019

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Charles Berkley, Jr.

Lunenburg County Public Schools Superintendent Charles Berkley Jr. recently announced, “Our students are meeting the federal, state, and local requirements for accreditation for the second year.” To be accredited the students must have passing test scores in reading/language arts, math, science and history.

Berkley says he is extremely proud of Lunenburg County School results, “For our schools to accomplish this goal it took a combination of things to come together.” Berkley continued, “to be successful we had to have the correct lesson plans, the right curriculum, correct data, attendance by the students, work as a team by the entire school administration and teachers, parental involvement, good leadership, quality teachers, and the correct student to teacher ratio.” Berkley made it clear that he credits everyone involved with students for their success. Everyone includes also bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians and any one that is involved with the child.

Starting this year a new statewide program is being developed called “Profiles of a Virginia Graduate.” This is the first major reform in the Virginia’s Education plan in 20 years. This program will focus more on preparing the children for life. The Virginia Department of Education website shows the need for Illuminating the 5 C’s in Virginia’s Classrooms.

These 5 C’s are: critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and citizenship skills. This approach will prepare every student with the content knowledge they need and the skills they need to apply it successfully after graduation. A successful Virginia Graduate will achieve and apply academic and technical knowledge, demonstrate workplace skills, build connections and valuable interactions with others as a responsible citizen, and align knowledge with career opportunities. For more information see www.

Berkley said, “We are pleased with the direction we are going. We want also to prepare our children for life. Life may mean a military career, a trade job or college. A lot of blue collar jobs are missing in this generation and many of these jobs are excellent life choices for those students interested in trade skills. These skills are needed and are well paying jobs for the future.”

Berkley is a lifelong resident of Lunenburg County and this is his sixth year as superintendent.