In support of Berry

Published 9:46 am Sunday, September 29, 2019

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Dear Editor,

I often hear people complain about our political leaders staying in office too long, becoming complacent and doing little to solve problems. I hear them say that we need term limits. I feel this is surrendering the responsibilities of voters.

We have the power to replace our leaders with our votes, instead of whining. We have the opportunity this November to replace a man who has been in office for almost 20 years — yet I’ve never met anyone who can tell me what he’s done for Cumberland, Amelia, Mecklenburg, Nottoway or part of Lunenburg. We still have problems with lack of internet or phone coverage. We still struggle to provide a 21st century education for our kids. Too often, we still have low wages for our workers. Almost 20 years and who can point to what Mr. Wright has done for us in the House of Delegates? He voted to prevent health coverage for some of us. Recently, he didn’t show up for the candidates’ forum in Cumberland.

I’m ready for a change and will take the opportunity to vote for Trudy Berry who has the energy and heart to make thoughtful changes. Among Trudy Berry’s diverse experiences are being an Air Force veteran and doing some substitute teaching. These wide range of experiences will help her understand the many needs of our citizens.

I’m voting for Berry; I’ve had enough of the same ol’ same ol.’

Sandy Bruton