Fourth Street, Victoria on the mend

Published 1:40 pm Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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Fourth Street in Victoria had replacement pipe and stormwater manholes installed recently to update its stormwater drain line and address flooding issues.

The pipe was originally installed in the early days of the building of the Virginian Railway yard. It is believed the Virginian Railway yard did that work in the early 1900s.

The drain line carries stormwater from the west end of the park, Seventh Street between Main Street and Washington Avenue, and Sixth Street between Main Street and Washington Avenue. Over the years there has been an increasing problem with flooding on Fourth Street between Washington Avenue and Lee Avenue.

According to Victoria Town Manager Rodney Newton, “After investigation, it is believed that the increased frequency of flooding could have been an issue with the stormwater drainpipe.” Newton went on to say, “It is hoped that the replacement of approximately 300’ of pipe, the addition of a stormwater manhole, and the replacement of another stormwater manhole, (that) the frequency of flooding on Fourth Street will decrease.”

Newton continued, “The Public Works Department has been working this week to get most of this project completed. There will be more work to be completed in the coming weeks to accomplish the end goals of this project. The project will be evaluated and plans will be adjusted to address any new or unmet needs.”

“The Town of Victoria appreciates the landowners’ cooperation and the understanding of those in the area as roads were closed or blocked to accomplish this work,” said Newton.