Price seeks Commissioner of Revenue position

Published 8:54 am Thursday, October 24, 2019

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Coffee Price

Charon Coffee Price announced that her name will be on the ballot for Lunenburg County Commissioner of the Revenue in the General Election on Nov. 5.

This will be the first time in several elections that the Lunenburg County voters will have a choice for who they elect for the Commissioner of the Revenue. The current Commissioner of the Revenue, Elizabeth Hamlett, was appointed to the position upon the retirement of Pat Adams. Hamlett went unopposed for both the Special Election and last General Election. Price served as Hamlett’s Deputy Commissioner for almost five years.

Concerns were expressed to Price about the office after her departure with additional concerns weeks later after the Chief Deputy Commissioner, Ruth Hurdle, resigned. Charon and Hurdle were staples in the office and instrumental in educating taxpayers on the “how and why” of their tax assessments. “I loved serving the people of Lunenburg and helping them,” Price states. “These are my people, I’m one of them. I was raised in Lunenburg. I returned to Lunenburg,” she continues to say that she, “has lived all over the United States from Florida to Utah and found the grass is no greener than right here.”

Raised in in Lunenburg, Charon graduated from Central High School in 1983. Charon went on to attend Longwood College and then transferred to VCU. After having a successful and professional career in the insurance industry all over the country, she returned to Lunenburg in 2005 with Don, to raise their two sons, Cooper and Tucker. “Coming back home and serving my community was almost like a ‘calling’ for me” Charon states.

Charon served as the Deputy Commissioner of the Revenue from 2013-2018. While with the office, she was a member of the Virginia Association of Local Tax Auditors (VALTA) and was elected communication officer for the Central District Deputy Commissioner of the Revenue Association. Charon was working toward her master certification from the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service before she left the Commissioner of the Revenue office in June.

When asked about her favorite part of her job while there, “helping the people of Lunenburg.” “I never minded to stay late to help someone find a land parcel or to help them with a tax assessment,” Charon continues to say that she “was usually the first one in the office in the morning.” Because she understood that even with today’s technology, “some business just needs to be handled in person, “she states.

If elected, Charon is committed to working outside normal business hours to accommodate needs of taxpayers. Charon does not take the duties and responsibilities of the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office lightly. She understands the commitment necessary to serve the people of Lunenburg. “I am a widow after being married for 28 years, my children are grown and so all my focus can be on the citizens and finding ways for the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office to better serve them,” Charon states. “I miss helping the people of Lunenburg County with their tax assessments” she said. Charon continued that if elected she “will promise that the tax assessment office will have a high level of maturity, professionalism and competency because the citizens of Lunenburg deserve it.” Charon concludes that “people have a choice this year for the Commissioner of the Revenue for Lunenburg County. People that know me, know that I am honest, fair and will treat everyone like family. When I take on a commitment, I am ‘All In’ and will do everything in my power to represent Lunenburg proudly and serve its citizens to the best of my abilities. No one will work harder for them, and I hope an experienced hometown girl will be their choice.”