For long-serving Frank Bacon being a supervisor is a calling

Published 11:16 am Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Frank W.

When the Lunenburg County Board of Supervisors held its organizational meeting earlier this month, members took time to recognize those achieving touchstone years of service.

Supervisors Robert G. Zava and T. Wayne Hoover were both recognized for 10 years on the board and received 10-year certificates from the Virginia Association of Counties.

But the standout was Dr. Frank W. Bacon, who has been on the board for 30 years. For his time of service, he received an etched crystal award thanking him from the Board of Supervisors and County Administrator and a plaque with a certificate from the Virginia Association of Counties.

It’s not surprising, though. Being a supervisor runs in the family. Bacon noted both his grandfather and father served on the board for long periods of time.

“To continue the family tradition of service to our county, I was motivated to seek a position on the Lunenburg Board of Supervisors,” he said.

Bacon has certainly seen his share of change in the county in his time on the board.

“When I was elected to the Board in 1990, the county had $600,000 in the bank,” he said. “Today we have over $8 million dollars in the bank with the lowest real estate tax rate in the state. Clearly, the county has improved public education – for example, built three schools —emergency services, public libraries, safety, and public roads over the last 30 years. Our goal as a board is to continue improvement of all public services for our citizens while keeping tax rates low.”

Bacon, 69, said his philosophy has been simple: the more money government receives in taxes, the more it will spend.

“If you keep taxes low, government is forced to be more conservative with taxpayer dollars by being more efficient,” he said. “The Lunenburg Board of Supervisors, county administration, and employees have excelled in this area through efficiency in all operations at the lowest possible cost.”

Just as long as he’s been a supervisor, Bacon has been in education. Bacon, a professor, has been with Longwood University for 30 years, 10 years with Southside Virginia Community College, and two with Virginia Commonwealth University.

County Administrator Tracy Gee called it a privilege to have known Bacon and his family long before working at the county, and knows he “is a big advocate for Lunenburg” and the area in his service to the board of supervisors, in his career as a Longwood professor, and his service on the Southside Electric Cooperative Board.

“Dr. Bacon serves as an invaluable resource and an asset to the board and the finance committee,” she said. “I have worked in county administration for 11 years and directly for the board of supervisors as the clerk to the Board for eight years; I know that I can always count on Dr. Bacon, and any of the supervisors, to be interested in county issues and supportive of the work that must be done.”

Bacon said the current board has the making to be great, working as a team with mutual respect among members and unity of purpose.

“Our board members respect each other and over the years have worked as a team to significantly improve and increase county services for Lunenburg citizens,” he said. “We work together as a team, not as individuals seeking self-interest agendas.”

Ultimately, Bacon said, he wants people to know he considers it an honor and a privilege to serve the citizens of Lunenburg.

“I enjoy working with a fine group of supervisors to promote the common good for the citizens of Lunenburg County,” he said.