KES Student Council and Spanish Club teachers introduced

Published 1:05 pm Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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Kenbridge Elementary School’s (KES) new student council introduced themselves to the school board at the Feb.10 school board meeting.

The group also spoke about what they do at meetings and things they are doing around the school.

The group has worked to make signs to help encourage other students to keep the bathroom clean and they are helping out in the area of school safety by being a part of an effort to have 16 security cameras installed at the school.

Kenbridge Elementary has also started a new Spanish Club. Teachers stay after school once a week and are learning Spanish from several Hispanic students.

The “student teachers” have lesson plans and use flashcards to teach the teachers. At last night’s meeting, they used their flashcards to give some initial instruction and then encouraged anyone present to download and login to the Kahoot app. Those who participated took a quiz using the app. The group did well as a whole and enjoyed the fun competition.