Residents encouraged to clean up property

Published 8:06 am Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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The Town of Victoria is encouraging residents to pitch in and begin spring cleaning a bit early this year.

Local resident Wanda Fix, (who is an employee of The Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch) spoke to the council at its most recent meeting this month concerning violations of trash, abandoned vehicles and property in town.

After the discussion, the town posted a notice on its website spelling out the ordinances governing the storing of inoperable vehicles, maximum height of grass and generally keeping the town clean and green.

The notice spells out that it is against the town’s ordinances to keep an inoperable vehicle unless it is in an enclosed building or is otherwise shielded from public view on any property that is zoned for residential or commercial purposes. According to the release, a tarp is not considered proper shielding from the public.

An inoperable car is any car not in operating condition, has been partially or totally disassembled for 60 days or does not have valid license plates or inspection decal.

Residents are also encouraged not to allow the accumulation of trash or junk on their property.

“Cleaning property also reduces the chances of harboring rodents or having a yard full of buzzards,” the notice stated. “If you do not have a way to transport junk or garbage that is not picked up with normal household garbage contact the town for assistance.”

The town offers to provide pickup service of items for an additional fee. If the garbage and junk is not removed voluntarily, formal action may be taken, which will cause the landowner or tenant to be more to have the items removed.

The notice also covers the mowing of grass. To remain in compliance with the town ordinance, grass must be kept below 10 inches. If the grass height exceeds 10 inches, notices may be placed on doors of residences advising that the grass should be trimmed. If the grass is not mowed about the notice, the property may be mowed by town crews and the cost charged to the property owner.

During the town council meeting, Town Manager Rodney Newton said letters have not been sent to the property owners in violation on the ordinances. According to the minutes of the meeting, Newton said violations regarding trash and/or abandoned autos may be made to Police Chief H. Keith Phillips and go through the process to hold landowners accountable through the town ordinances.

Fix suggested a clean-up day for people to call to have items picked up.

Anyone with questions concerning the upkeep of property or other related ordinances may call the town office at 434-696-2343.