God is for us

Published 8:04 am Sunday, April 26, 2020

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It’s nice to have a support system. A group of people around you who will not only celebrate with you during the victories of life, but who will also mourn with you during the defeats.

Life was never meant to be a solo act. A support system of friends, family and others enable us to do so much more than we can imagine.

Successful TV producer and writer, Michael Schur, said, “You can’t achieve anything entirely by yourself. There’s a support system that is a basic requirement of human existence. To be happy and successful on earth, you just have to have people that you rely on.”

In her book, Uncaged Wallflower, Jennae Cecelia wrote, “Surround yourself with people who don’t just ask how you are doing. Surround yourself with people who make an effort to make sure they are part of the reason you are doing well.”

How are you doing here lately? Life seems to have halted lots of what we desire to be and do. With high school seniors needing support as they desire to simply graduate, other students desire to have prom, play ball, laugh with friends and more, all needing a strong support system, which can go a long way.

Small businesses are anxiously anticipating locals purchasing gift cards and helping them financially as they have supported local ball teams and fundraisers through the years. A support system is more than friends and family. Often, the best support system is communities and neighbors jumping in to make sure bills are paid, groceries are provided, toilet paper isn’t hoarded. Our duty is in making sure needs are being met physically, emotionally, spiritually.

In the book of Romans, the apostle Paul gives some powerful and beautiful words throughout this letter. In Romans 8, Paul even talks about momentary sufferings folks were going through, but the future hope and glory that awaited those who live in God and surrender their heart and all to Him. In verse 31 of Romans 8 he writes, “What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Amen to this, right?

Please don’t overlook four powerful words here, “God is for us”. These just may be four of the most powerful and exciting words. God. Is. For. Us. God is for you. When you feel like no one cares, no one listens, no one supports you. God desires you come to Him, put your thoughts and feelings aside, and simply follow His way. That’s why verse 37 of Romans 8 calls us “more than conquerors.”

Support local. Support each other. Support those needing to find freedom in God alone. #bethegood

Rev. J. Cameron Bailey is pastor of Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at jamescameronbailey@gmail.com.