Fire up the lawn mowers

Published 10:33 am Thursday, May 14, 2020

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With the cool weather of the past few days, it may feel like spring has yet to be sprung, but the towns of Kenbridge and Victoria have reminded residents in recent days that grass is growing and needs to be kept at a reasonable height.

The Town of Victoria reminded residents that the town’s ordinances require grass to be kept at a height less than 10 inches. Compliance checks begin this week in Victoria. Any yards found to be out of compliance will have a red tag placed on the property. The tag is not a summons or citation. It is just a message from the town telling the property owner the grass needs to be cut. If the grass is not cut within two weeks of the red tag being placed in the yard, the yard will be cut by the town and the cost will be added to the property tax bill.

Any questions concerning the Victoria grass-cutting ordinance should be directed to the town office.

Kenbridge has also reminded residents that town officials will begin enforcing town ordinances on grass and hedge lengths. In Kenbridge, the town ordinance says grass and weeds must be less than 12 inches high. The ordinance gives the town the authority to have the grass cut and charge the owner following proper notification.