We are all part of the larger whole

Published 2:55 pm Thursday, June 11, 2020

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Dear Editor:

Being raised in Lunenburg County, you get a lot of mixed reviews on life, on the town, on people, and especially on politics. But, there is one thing I have yet to find anywhere else, our deep-rooted sense of community.

Whether you love your neighbor or hate your neighbor– the Lunenburg community truly comes together during tough times. This is nothing new to this old town. So with that, I hope we are all continuing to be as healthy as possible, while also remembering our importance here on Earth; regardless of how small our town may be, we too are a part of a larger whole.

“Your actions speak so loudly, I cannot hear what you are saying.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson


To think any life is insignificant. To think one vote is overlooked. To think your voice is too small or age too young, or too old — to do anything for change is utterly false.

You are the creator’s creation. Regardless of beliefs, you are loved by something bigger than you. You are a part of something bigger than you. One vote could change a whole nation and one life could surely change the world.

The world does aspire to make us all happy. Do not allow poisonous ideals to crowd your mind with falsettos of hate. Fight. And fight hard. But fight with God by your side and love in your hearts. Love wins and only love wins.

Get angry, but not frustrated. Force change, but not violence. Show emotion, but not hate. Do not allow your anger to progress into hate. Allow that anger to push your want for more love forward. Remember love. Remember peace.

Remember community and banish any thoughts of division away from our minds. By perceiving a better world, we will make a better world. Love for all. Peace for all. And life for all.

These are merely liberties once set forth for all, but only given to a few. Liberties that shouldn’t be too much to ask for, but are now being begged for.

I stand with all that pray and push for a world that we can all be proud of. This, however, is not currently it. However, my heart tells me we are on the brink of change. Big change. Not little handouts for quick responses to “change” for immediate praise, rather real change that lasts beyond us.

Let us all hold ourselves accountable for not making change happen sooner. And let’s ensure this time it’s justice for all.

Let us not lose our country or selves in the process, but instead build. By filling loopholes, changing technicalities, and educating ourselves and others to eradicate all ignorance. Change is a necessity, but building onto our country is too, a must.

I stand, not in front for this is not where I lead, surely not behind as to hide from the issues of the world, but right beside as a loyal ally supporting sides that fight solely to be human, to be American, to live the American dream. And better yet, the opportunity to create their own dreams.

I stand with all that want the same. I’ll speak with these communities but not for them. (But, believe me, I am ready to scream at the world). I’ll listen. I’ll research. I’ll fight. Let’s make change, substantial change.

We are angry. We are scared, yet we are fearless. We are Americans. Let’s make it so we are all once again fully proud to be Americans.

A world in chaos is a world demanding for balance. Like a mudslide from an overworked land, an abundance of algae formed to consume pollution, or even a pandemic to slow us all down and think. Mother Earth is balance. She’s telling us to be the same. Chaos is created from unbalanced forces. Let’s make it balanced again.

Taylor King