Did you know? Facts from the Kenbridge Town Manager

Published 12:02 pm Thursday, June 18, 2020

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In the Town of Kenbridge-

-A citizen must print out an application from our website www.kenbridgeva.net or come to Town Hall to obtain a permit to have a yard sale in town? Trivial as it may seem, interestingly enough, that is great advertisement, because you would probably be surprised by the number of people that call us and ask where the yard sales are located for the weekend.

Tony Matthews

– A citizen must also print out or obtain from Town Hall a burn permit in order to have an outdoor fire within town limits.  You are allowed to have two of these in one year.  Reasoning behind this is so that we can make sure you have safety measures in your plan so that you don’t catch your house or your neighbor’s house on fire.  It is also a preventative measure to keep the Kenbridge Fire Department from bringing a full crew with lights and sirens to your house when you are just burning a pile of brush.  Of course, without a burn permit, the fire department’s response would end up leaving you a ticket to explain your fire to the judge.

-We have 143 fire hydrants in town, and as of this week, they have all been tested for functionality and they have all been painted and look great. Knowing that our maintenance department has them all working great makes me more secure as a firefighter and should make you feel safer as a citizen.  You know, in case of a response to a fire call that is not a burn permit brush fire.

-If you plan to do construction, repair, remodeling, additions or upgrades to your property within the town, you must apply for a zoning permit.  This form can also be found on our website.  This form once filled out, with an inspection, will yield a zoning permit from Town Hall.  After your zoning permit, you must contact the county building inspectors office to see if you need a building permit to proceed.  Some jobs require one, some jobs don’t.   But it’s always better to check to be sure.  Having a work crew stop to get paper work straight is an expensive and maybe a long break time that you will probably be billed for.

-If you are looking for someone to complete some work, or a store to shop, or a service to obtain, our website www.kenbridgeva.net has a business directory of all the businesses in town that have a business license and choose to be advertised on our website.  So the next time you need something done around the house, or want a service or place to eat.  Check out our website, it’s usually quicker than Google and all of the listed businesses serve this local area.

-I hope that everyone has filled out their census reports or responded online to be recorded.  OK, I know we all haven’t, because I know that Lunenburg is only about 50% of the county is reporting.  That’s a fact reported to me from the census bureau.  Did you know that funding for schools, roads, businesses, and much more from the federal government comes from the numbers that we report.  It’s up to you to do your part.  You count. If you don’t think so, the next pothole you hit, the next time you wonder why we don’t have whatever business you want to come here, the next time our federal government funds are lacking, thank someone who didn’t fill out the census.

Just make sure someone isn’t the person in the mirror.

I hope we have both gained some power from knowledge, as knowledge is power.

(Tony Matthews is the Town Manager of Kenbridge and can be reached at 434-480-9032 or tonymatthews@ken- bridgeva.net.)