Did you know? Kenbridge town manager drops knowledge

Published 4:49 pm Thursday, August 13, 2020

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In the Town of Kenbridge-

– A citizen must submit a formal complaint form to the town office for a complaint to be considered in the town.  This form must also be signed by the person who is filing the complaint.  Yes, the person who is receiving the complaint does have the right to know who made the complaint.  Some complaints are against town ordinances and we will work with the home owner to get the problem fixed.   The forms are available at the town hall.

Tony Matthews

– A vehicle that is in town and is registered to the owner at DMV is subject to a licensing fee of $25.  That does not mean the vehicle has to have a license plate on it.  That means that you are the owner of the car and in possession of that vehicle.  It does not matter if the vehicle runs, is in need of repair or if the vehicle is current under repair.

-A vehicle that is not licensed or no tax is being paid on the vehicle and is not being moved, is considered an inoperative vehicle and must be removed from the premises.  An inoperative vehicle violation may be ordered and the owner will be given 15 days to move the vehicle.  If the vehicle is not moved within the time frame allotted, the vehicle will be removed by the town at the owners expense and the owner will have to then have business with the tow truck company to obtain their vehicle.

-When COVID-19 first struck, a directive was passed down from the state by Governor Ralph Northam concerning utilities and the inability for companies and municipalities to discontinue such utilities for a period of time.  That time is drawing to an end.  Although the utilities could not be cut off, the ability to bill for such utilities was not suspended.  The entirety of your bill will be due once the directive is discontinued.  There seems to be a misconception in some cases that the citizens were not being billed or are not responsible for the bill.  Please be aware that if you have not been paying for your services, your bill may be larger than a citizen is normally used to.

-Did you know that your chimney should be swept annually to ensure that soot, kreosote, or animals haven’t taken up refuge in your chimneys in the off burning season.  On our website www.kenbridgeva.net, we have a list of business that have a license in town and we added one just for this service.  Don’t forget to take care of that before the season to burn becomes necessary for warmth.  You may save your house by stopping a chimney fire before it starts.

-Did you know the Town of Kenbridge does not have a choice in who provides telephone service, satellite TV service, cell phone service or broad band service to our area. Likewise, we can neither suggest that these services be provided by someone else.  If you are unhappy with your services, you should make an attempt to contact the provider.  The town offices will not be able to help you with a change of provider.

I hope we have both gained some power from knowledge, as knowledge is power.