Letter – Webb understands health care issues

Published 1:35 pm Friday, October 9, 2020

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To The Editor:

In 2017, a frustrated President Trump remarked “nobody knew health care could be so complicated.”Unfortunately, the complicated nature of health care is the reason that so many Americans have to decide between their health and putting food on the table, why one man here in Virginia had to pay $60K because of a heart attack. The absurd monetary burden on patients, even those with insurance, is incomprehensible. I bring this moment up three years later as I listen to Dr. Cameron Webb discuss healthcare policy at a virtual town hall event, because this past hour has brought home, for me, why we must elect this man to be our 5th District representative in the House this November.
As both a practicing physician and health care policy expert, Dr. Cameron Webb understands the complexities of health care. He is able to articulate the nuances of lowering prescription drug prices without decreasing innovation, of removing the bond between employers and health insurance in the interest of small business without losing private insurance, and of eliminating surprise billing in insurance.
What struck me most, however, was Dr. Webb’s focus on consensus and bipartisan support of health care issues. While working in both the Obama and Trump White House, Dr. Webb demonstrated a spirit of bipartisanship as he conversed with the Republican led Doctors Caucus, rather than reinforcing the hyper-partisan gridlock across Washington elites. It is this bipartisanship and professionalism that Dr. Webb carries with him into this election, which coupled with his intensive background in health care policy, allows him to be the best possible candidate for our district as we tackle a health care crisis like COVID-19.
I urge all of you in the 5th district to watch Dr. Webb’s composure and eloquence as he speaks about his healthcare platform, and to vote in November like the health of you, your family, and your friends depends upon it.


Katie Waters