Prayers to all those affected by COVID-19

Published 1:44 pm Friday, October 9, 2020

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Our prayers go out to our president, governor, their wives, and to all who have been infected with COVID-19.  We wish them fast recoveries.  Likewise, keep the families of those who have lost loved ones this sad year.  This strange virus affects people in different ways.  Every individual’s immune system seems to react differently as their body attempts to repel the virus.

COVID-19 seems to affect some folk’s minds as well.  Presidential candidate Joe Biden seems to think a president has the power to control a virus.  He has forgotten that just nine months ago he railed against President Trump for blocking flights from China where the virus first appeared, as did others such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi who paraded through Chinatown to prove there was no danger from COVID-19.  Likewise, Biden forgot how poorly he and President Obama dealt with lesser viruses such as the swine flu and mersa.  While this virus has proven to be far more deadly than previous ones, the scientists have been working hard to understand and control it.


Frank Ruff

Some have worked overtime to have you believe that President Trump has mishandled the problem.  However, they seem to forget that he provided equipment to hospitals around the nation that were asking for ventilators.

Others like to point out how much more deadly COVID-19 has been in the United States and how many more cases we have reported.  They ignore the fact that data is collected by governments that might not be accurate.  China, for instance, is a very closed society that reports what they want to report.  Even U.S. data can be suspect.  If you look at the small print of COVID-19 reports, you will find that some case reports are listed as probable COVID-19.  The fact is that there are financial reasons to assign the virus as the cause of death rather than other factors.

Almost half of the deaths have occurred in nursing homes where some of our most vulnerable reside.  In other countries, the elderly are frequently kept at home with their family.  They simply do not have many nursing type facilities.  As well, in America, modern medicine prolongs life.  This option is not available everywhere.

Supreme Court

Washington has gone crazy about the nomination of a new Supreme Court appointment.  Both sides of the argument seem to have lost their minds.  If Republicans truly believe they are going to retain a majority in the Senate and the presidency, why are they so worried about a candidate’s confirmation?

Meanwhile, Democrats have clearly stated they are confident they will win in November and when they do, they will make Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico the 51st and 52nd states.  They are so sure of getting four additional senators, they are already planning to expand the Supreme Court to regain a liberal majority.  If that means that they have to expand the court from nine to 15, that is exactly what they will do.

From all reports, Amy Coney Barrett is a very accomplished attorney and was a respected law professor at Notre Dame prior to her appointment to a lower court federal judgeship.  She has clearly expressed, and her past rulings indicate, that she understands that the court system is designed to uphold the constitution and the law, not to make law.  It appears that the only thing that the Democrats have found to attack Barrett on is that she is a devout Catholic.  That is a very interesting argument against her because Joe Biden is spending millions of dollars of advertising on television bragging that he is a devout Catholic.

As we enter the final month of the election, some are quite willing to distract voters with silly statements and issues.  The real question is simple.  Who can best lead the nation to job creation and improved household income as they keep our families safe?  The three years before COVID-19 should answer that question.

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