It’s sad to see how Riggleman was treated

Published 11:22 am Thursday, December 31, 2020

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To the Editor:


Reference Roger Watson’s article in the Wednesday, Dec. 16, edition of the Kenbridge-Victoria Dispatch, titled “Riggleman leaves with dignity intact.” I applaud Editor Watson for his informative and enlightening article. It is sad to read how Congressman Riggleman is treated in this country for telling the truth and trying to do what is right, or what he thinks is right.

In addition to Editor Watson’s article, I read a PBS Dec. 4, article/transcript of an interview between Lisa Desjardins and Rep. Riggleman titled “Why one Republican lost his re-election bid to a more conservative rival.” That article/transcript repeats a lot of what is in Editor Watson’s article and Congressman Riggleman’s article in the Dec. 16 K-V newspaper. However, at the end of the PBS transcript is this statement, “And since he sat down with Lisa, Congressman Riggleman says he is receiving violent treats, including death threats.”

Think about that, not just disapproval statements, but violent threats, including death threats. This is a sad day in Virginia and the United States.

God bless America.


Eric Jackson

Newport News