Everyone needs a support system

Published 1:39 pm Friday, January 22, 2021

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“Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.”-Booker T. Washington

Have you ever heard, “We are often our own worst enemy?”

We get in our own way often with thinking we can handle things on our own. “I got this. I am in control of my own life. No one can tell me what to do. If I do it myself then I know it was done and done right.” The list goes on and on.

Just who do we think we are? Why do we often think we are better, tougher, stronger, than others? Why do we think we have to do everything ourselves in order to make sure things get handled? Maybe it’s because of experience.

Someone said they’d help us handle something and before you know it they no longer are assisting and it falls onto your lap to handle the situation. Maybe you asked and asked but eventually you just give up and handle it yourself. Maybe you feel that things would be easier to just do it yourself rather than train someone else. Maybe you have just learned through time that it appears easier to do it yourself, so you hold things up and keep holding and keep holding.

Do your arms feel tired? You have been holding things together for so long that you are internally screaming for a break, a vacation, a coworker, a partner, something. You are tired. You are weary. You are worn. There’s a story in Exodus 17 where Gods people are in a moment of battle. Moses is leading, and as long as he holds his arms up the Israelites are winning. But, you can’t hold your arms up for so long. Eventually Moses gets tired and his arms begin to fall. Whenever his arms lowered the Amalekites would start winning.

What to do?

Partnership. Moses made sure he kept good people around him to keep his “team” strong and to help him be a successful leader. Aaron and Hur, his main support system, placed a stone under Moses for him to sit upon. Then they held his hands up when Moses became so tired he could no longer hold his arms up keeping them raised and steady until sunset in order to make sure their team won. Who is your Aaron or Hur? See, you can’t do life solo. You can’t lead alone. You need a support system who won’t take your side just because, but will pray over you and be your strength when you grow tired.

We need a team around us for accountability and sanity. You can’t win life battles alone. Find your crew who helps you win.

Rev. J. Cameron Bailey is pastor of Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at jamescameronbailey@gmail.com.