Strain and press to reach other folllowers

Published 2:56 pm Thursday, May 6, 2021

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“You can’t have a filet mignon lifestyle with a hot dog work ethic.”

Ouch! Read that quote again.

This quote has been floating around on social media with no trace of where it originated. This is a true country quote, y’all. It’s deeper than we realize because most folks around here enjoy a good hot dog (shout out to The Donut Diner, Timmy’s Grocery, Sundae’s, Richlands’ Dairy and other spots who all have delicious hot dogs). But don’t be like this chunky preacher who be lovin’ good hot dogs and food and totally miss the point of this quote.

You can’t expect good/fancy/nice stuff if you ain’t willing to put forth the effort. Life isn’t supposed to give participation trophies. Things need to be worked for. If everything is handed to you without you having to work for it you won’t ever truly appreciate those items when received, but if you put forth the effort, the dedication, the blood, sweat and tears, you become invested in something and learn to enjoy those seldom received filet mignons.

Paul tells the Philippian church in 3:13-14 that he “strains towards what’s ahead,” and he “presses towards the goal.” Can you even read or say the word “strain” without making the sound? Hahaha.

Just reading these two verses can make you break a sweat. To strain and to press show that life is not meant for just sitting around doing nothing and expecting a nice dinner to plop on our lap. No. Get off your duff. Stop just filling a pew or watching those services online or on TV. Be the church. Invite folks to worship with you. Get involved in some way by serving and helping lead folks to the forgiving mercies of God through Jesus Christ. Strain and press towards the goal of eternal glory in Jesus.

We cannot and should not expect heaven if we ain’t giving Jesus our all and trying our best to live in and for Him. We cannot expect the goodness of God if we aren’t living like we love Him, want Him and desire to be with Him forever.

Folks think of heaven with the streets of gold and no more pain, suffering and crying, etc. and make heaven about what we get when heaven is nothing to do with us and everything to do with God and worshipping him forever and ever and ever, amen.

We cannot expect the filet mignon feasts in glory if we are serving free hot dogs. Do you claim to be a follower of Christ? Then strain and press to make other followers.

Live each day to reach one more. Put the work in to grow His church.