The show must go on

Published 8:00 pm Thursday, September 2, 2021

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In light of the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions for community theater events, the Southside Area Community Theater (SACT) has just finished their latest production.

Performed at the Kenbridge Town Hall, Crazytown took showgoers on a tour of the most messed up town in America, from the police interrogation room where the nicest guy in town is issued a strange ultimatum, to the elementary school for a heated political debate on critical issues like tater tots.

“Most of our performers just love to perform,” SACT President Maurice Ellis said. “They also love sharing their talent with the community.”

Ellis estimates it takes the group two to three months to practice before performing a live show.

Ellis said that the board of seven members works together to decide on the play the group will perform.

“We also have directors from other theaters who can come in and present shows they would like to do here,” Ellis said.

According to Ellis, there are auditions for every play.

“The size of the cast and crew depends on the amount needed for each show,” he said. “You may see new faces, and you may see some seasoned veterans.”

A volunteer-led organization, SACT was founded in 2008 to provide quality theater experiences to the Southside of Virginia.

“It provides creative expression to those who would not have had a creative outlet,” Ellis said. “It also provides live entertainment to the community.”

Additionally, SACT provides training and education for actors, directors and all other participants in theater productions. “We provide opportunities to demonstrate and improve skills by participating in theatrical productions.” Ellis said.

SACT is planning its next production for the upcoming Christmas season.