Opinion – Prayers needed

Published 1:59 am Thursday, September 9, 2021

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The challenges upon us are numerous. We must pray like never before. Rarely have we seen so many issues before us at one time.

Natural Disasters

Pray for those who have lost homes and lives during recent storms that swept through our nation, from the Gulf Coast to the Northeast. Those in the path of wildfires in California and the Northwest. Those who have passed away or suffer from cancer and COVID.

Pray for Those Lost in the War Against Terrorism

As we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, let us pray for the families of those who died on that day and since. Some in Washington believe that, by leaving Afghanistan, the war ended. Pray they are correct, but we know that this simply changes the battlefield. Terrorists will continue to attack our nation and the Christian world; this is not the end. They look at the United States and western Europe as Americans did in the 1800s. Moving west, they believed their preordained role was to control all lands to the Pacific coast. This was known as “Manifest Destiny.” Those that live in the Middle East believe their religion is the only true religion; and they, therefore, must spread it around the world. Pray that this does not happen.

Pray for Those in Afghanistan

For those that are now trapped in Afghanistan; we pray that they will be saved. This includes American citizens who were left to fend for themselves. After receiving mixed messages about whether to come to the airport or not, their plight has been pushed under the rug. Among these were a group of school students who were turned away at the gates of the airport without a home to return to.

Pray for the Veterans

One group of veterans went to Afghanistan to get folks to safety when Washington would not, using the code name “Pineapple.” As a nation, we need to pray for they themselves to get to safety, just as they assisted others.

We pray for the lives that have been lost in our years in Afghanistan, as well as those who came home physically or mentally damaged. Their situation was bad before these past weeks, now they may wonder was it worth their sacrifice.

Pray for Our Allies

Many nations have been the benefactors of the United States willingness to stand guard to protect them from aggressive nations that seek to overtake them.

Consider that Taiwan is now at the peril of Communist China that, for years, has refused to recognize them as an independent nation. Likewise, North Korea has already re-started their nuclear arms testing. We pray that our President won’t simply write them off or take irresponsible action as he did in Afghanistan, with no consideration of what the outcome will be.

Pray for Those Coming to the United States

Pray for the situation on our southern border. President Biden is not simply ignoring what is happening. Worse, it appears he is doing all he can to breakdown our sovereign right to control our national borders.

For someone who used COVID to win election and is now berating American citizens about masks daily, he is now turning his back when confronted by the numbers crossing our southern border and what they bring. Pray that all those crossing our border, no matter how they arrive, are being vetted for disease and criminal background.

Our Schools

Pray for those in our schools — students, teachers and staff. With the fear of COVID running rampant, parents, administrators, and school boards are pulled in various directions. Questions arise: Should schools open considering the uptick in infections? Who should have the final say in the use of masks, parents or those in the school system? Can our youngest students learn properly when they cannot see the teachers face as she sounds out new words? Can teachers and students bond when they cannot see each others faces? Are we preventing “herd immunity” in this process when we know that Virginia has recorded no deaths for those under 10 years of age? While teens are at slightly greater risk from COVID, are we wasting time thinking we can protect them, knowing they will get together outside school?

Pray for our families, our nation and our way of life.

Frank Ruff Jr. represents Lunenburg in the state Senate. His email address is Sen.Ruff@verizon.net.