Letter — Solar projects and erosion

Published 3:59 pm Friday, September 24, 2021

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To the Editor:

The Berkely Group Consultant, Mr. Darrin Coffey, expressed some of the same concerns at the last meeting that Friends of The Meherrin River have been warning about in previous meetings for the Red Brick Solar project that is set to be located at the headwaters of the Meherrin River.

Mr. Coffey stated that there may be runoff problems to the scenic Meherrin River as well as Couches Creek and that the slopes will create issues and erosion is not addressed in the application.

This is a much larger project than the Grasshopper facility in Chase City which has completely silted out Butcher’s Creek, and it is now putting out a visible plume into the Kerr Lake. There have also now been multiple violations for silting issues at the Bluestone project on Spanish Grove Rd. in Chase City affecting the Bluestone Creek.

The website citizensforresponsiblesolar details other projects around the state that have resulted in similar, disastrous consequences including the Essex project erosion issues.

Are we going to have to destroy the environment to save it? Environmentalist Michael Shellenberger has been warning of this very thing.

Please come to your county meetings and let your voice be heard on this issue.

For more information contact:

Judy Brothers

Friends of the Meherrin River

31257 Hwy 49

Chase City Va. 23924