Letter to the Editor — The real bullies

Published 10:00 am Wednesday, January 5, 2022

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To the Editor:

Once again I must take umbrage at Senator Ruff’s rant. Although I certainly respect his right to opinions concerning everything and anything that happens, has happened, and might happen I have noticed an alarming trend in his predilection for condemning any proposals or plans that might be of assistance to the middle, lower and lowest income members of the citizenship of our, yes, our country.

This latest distress of Sen. Ruff appears to be that if taxpayer’s money was used to advance government programs that would help taxpayers, it would be horrible for those who are currently reaping the benefits of being wealthy. It might cost corporations! But aren’t we all supporting these corporations? I really don’t like his idea that if we don’t accept what the wealthy want to let us have, then we have nothing.

Senator Ruff seems to end his column with a veiled threat once again.

If we citizens demand to be treated fairly by the government, if we insist on our taxes being used to benefit everyone by providing health care, child care, education and other community services, this may be a problem for those who have ‘wisely invested’ in corporations.

In other words, the ones who have enough money to invest in corporations, might have to stop taking that cash out of your pocket by paying decent wages and charging fair prices.

Senator Ruff has a continuing theme of threats toward the working class.

Your job, Senator, is to help the people you represent. We do not work or spend to support big corporations and the government. The government should be working to spend and support us! Big corporations should be supporting their employees.

This take-it-or-leave-it attitude of yours is becoming a bit much to take.

It seems to me that your column is beginning to make it very clear who the bullies really are.

Annamay Gambino