The Word — Do we need a crutch?

Published 1:22 pm Wednesday, March 9, 2022

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Former Navy Underwater Demolition man during the Vietnam War turned wrestler turned Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, was quoted by The Associated Press, Oct. 1, 1999 as saying, “Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers. It tells people to go out and stick their noses in other people’s business. I live by the golden rule: Treat others as you’d want them to treat you. The religious right wants to tell people how to live.”

Have you ever heard someone make comments like this about how Christians use Jesus as a crutch? While most every human being can agree that we should treat others as we want to be treated… aka …The Golden Rule … do we live it? I mean, the Golden Rule is even biblical (Matthew 7:12). But this whole, ‘Religious folks use Jesus and their faith as a crutch’ thing —how should we respond?

Maybe you are reading this and you agree with Jesse Ventura. Maybe some folks do use their religious beliefs as a crutch. Let’s be honest, some folks claim Jesus with their lips but they fo-sho don’t talk any different than other folks. I mean I have heard more folks curse at a church league softball game than I care to admit. Let’s also be honest in how some folks claim Jesus with their lips but they fo-sho don’t love or serve folks like the Bible asks us.

So, is faith and Jesus a crutch? I am going to say yes, yes it can be. The purpose of a crutch is to help take weight off an injured leg or foot. The crippled need a crutch. The crutch helps give support during the healing process so that one can keep going, even though slower and not as well balanced, they can still progress.

Can I confess something to y’all here? I need Jesus as my crutch a lot of times. I am weak. I fall. I fail. I mess up. I am injured in my heart and my soul and I’m not strong enough to keep going —so I need Jesus to be my crutch. I need Jesus to hold me up, help me along, provide support.

A crutch, however, isn’t supposed to be a permanent thing though. A crutch helps you heal and regain strength so that you can continue your journey. Hebrews 12:1-4 summed up for ya says to throw off those things that weigh you down so that you can run the race set before you. So, use Jesus as that crutch until you’re healed, then get to running for His glory.

Rev. J. Cameron Bailey is pastor of Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at