Fuqua School Honor Roll

Published 12:15 pm Saturday, April 9, 2022

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Fuqua School announces scholastic recognition for the lower/middle/upper school levels for the third quarter for the 2021-2022 academic year. The honor roll consists of three categories: High Academic Honors, Academic Honors and Honors. During the grading period, students who earn all A’s attain High Academic Honors; students with all A’s and B’s attain Academic Honors; and those with a 3.0 GPA with no grade less than a C- for the grading period attain Honors. In addition, lower school students must receive no more than two “needs improvement” ratings on those work habits and social skills that are considered in determining honor roll eligibility. Middle and upper school students must earn conduct grades no lower than 2. The following students are recognized for their academic achievements:


High Academic Honors: Campbell Frank, Sophia Jamerson, Audrey Kott, Virginia McWilliams, Ashley Seiler and Kinsley Showalter.

Academic Honors: Ford Aldrich, Caleb Eason, Jenna Gray, Scarlett Hatcher, Serena Lentini, Zoey Midkiff, Levi Price and Abigail Satterfield.

Honors: Aubrie Overstreet, Landon Redford and Ryland Scott.


High Academic Honors: Megan Allen, Audrey Dickstein, Reece Pembelton, Jack Porter and Martha Lucy Vincent.

Academic Honors: Scott Aldrich, Bradie Allen, Charlie Allen, Clay Austin, Alexis Call, Rocco Fortino, Maddie Fowlkes, Abigail Harris, Carly Hazlegrove, Chloe Hearn, Alexander Kendall and Teagan McKinney.

Honors: Thomas Atkins


High Academic Honors: Allen Blackman, Rowan Danielsen, Collins Easter, Page McWilliams, Mandy Morris and Kenna Schmidt.

Academic Honors: Brynn Atkinson, Alyssa Caruso, Cole Milne, Kyle Redford and Wyatt Tucker.

Honors: Aurelia Midkiff


High Academic Honors: Malaika Ahmed, Silas Bego, Aubrey Collins, LottieMae Hazlegrove, Colin Jamerson, Cameron Pace, Colton Reynolds and Murphy Witko.

Academic Honors: Aviva Bloom, Rebekah Call, Hunter Fowlkes, Ainsley Harris, Hunter Hodges, Caroline Martin, Blair Pembelton and Mary Reagan Phaup.

Honors: JonMichael Graham, Nathan Halleman, Walker Hearn, Charlton Puckett and Eden Shank.


High Academic Honors: Bailee Click, Elizabeth Ledger and Isabella Thompson.

Academic Honors: Lars Andrews, Rudee Atkinson, Julia Belle Bennett, Gabriel Cannady, Nathan Davis, Elle Franssen, Mackenzie Hearn, Jackson Hicks, Ashlyn Ligon, Stephen Nash and Emma Tucker.

Honors: Grace Furman, Emma Grant, Johnny Hall and Corbin Tinsley.


High Academic Honors: Madison Atkins, Marissa Dempsey, Vivian Eason, Taylor Elmore, Marina Morris, Brandon Seiler and Gracie Shank.

Academic Honors: Olivia Fortune, Luke Jarrett, Kaleb Knott, Caroline Krouse, Reid McMichael, Joshua Milligan, Whitney Orme, Julian Price, Luke Royall and Isaac Satterfield.

Honors: Ransom Clark and Tanner Davis.


High Academic Honors: Avary Collins, Austin Frazier, Vivian Gearheart, Carter McCarty, Sam Minix and Katlin Vagel.

Academic Honors: Cristina Garcia-Seco, Hayden Hodges, Immanuel Jennings and Mason Pleasants.

Honors: Summer Carter, Sawyer Furlong, Aubrie Jefferson and Sydney McDowell.


High Academic Honors: Timmy Holtz, Kassidy Knott, Jordan Ledger, Olivia Lorenzo, Holt Mason, Rachel Mason, Kendall Moore, Grayson Newcomb, Grace Puckett, Nate Reed, James Royall, Dalton Tucker and Chandler Wright.

Academic Honors: Caroline Davis, Shawn Garceau, Ace Gearheart, Eva Gee, Callie Major, Grace McMichael, Elena Meader, Evan Nichols, Shane Oettgen, Matthew Pembelton, Chloe Smith and Alex Woods.

Honors: Cole Atkins, Caylen Copley and Aaron Orange.


High Academic Honors: Charlie Bowman, Erica Chapman, Samantha Dunn, Lauren Jamerson, George Magnotti, James Minix, Hadley Puckett, Dane Reynolds and Meredith Schmidt.

Academic Honors: Taylor Call, Parker Furlong, Sarah Garceau, Braxton McClure, Andrew McDowell and Camden Wood.

Honors: Jordan Johns, Macon Landis and Trey Stimpson.